Converting to Gliding from Powered Flying

Lots of powered pilots also fly gliders. Soaring – using the sky’s natural elements explore the sky – adds a whole new dimension to their enjoyment of flying and complements existing flying experience and skills.

Aeroplanes with conventional controls (stick, rudder, etc) of course fly very similarly to gliders. Most aeroplane pilots will be able to handle a glider more or less immediately.  There are of course differences that need to be learnt; co-ordination of rudder and aileron to address aileron drag, a circuit and approach with no go around option but excellent airbrakes, and a launch type to master. As well as the all important gliding airmanship and TEM detail.

Converting a powered pilot to gliding is usually a bespoke process dependent on previous experience. These videos made during one powered pilots conversion to gliding may be of interest:

Episode 1 РGliding differences training 

Episode 2 – Glider circuit training

Episode 3 – First K21 glider lesson

Episode 4 – Spin training – and boxing the slipstream on tow

Episode 5 – First gliding solo!

And for gliding instructors:

We recommend this gliding instructors guide to all those involved with converting powered aeroplane pilots to gliding.