Women and Inclusivity in Gliding (WinG)

The BGA is actively engaged in increasing participation in gliding and our strategy includes identifying actions and implementing those actions to increase the number of women in gliding.

Women and Inclusivity in Gliding (WinG) has been developed to provide a supportive framework for increasing participation at gliding clubs. A Women’s Development Team has recently been introduced and many clubs now have a women’s ambassador, all of which will also support the success of the WinG project. WinG related activity can be anything a club wants it to be, for example a stand-alone project or sitting within the “Great Gliding Club” initiative, which is also being developed to support clubs with their efforts to increase participation.

We hope all clubs will choose to engage with WinG by getting in touch with the Women’s Advocate, Yvonne Elliott via email at  yvonne@gliding.co.uk

Yvonne can arrange a live or zoom meeting with club officials to consider and examine possible actions for the club, and agree what could be implemented in a reasonable timescale. The BGA will endorse all clubs that actively and positively engage with the project.

A WinG gliding club attributes and potential actions guide has been developed to support clubs in initiating committee and club discussions to aid critical analysis about what clubs and volunteers can implement to promote increased inclusion. You can view the guide here.

If any club wants to discuss WinG or any other aspects of increasing participation, please contact the BGA Women’s Advocate, Yvonne Elliott.

Women Gliding

Women Gliding is a community for anyone who identifies as a woman in gliding. A marketing leaflet is available here.

National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend 27/28 April 2024

The National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend is planned for 27 and 28 April 2024! Club information and resources are available here.