Instructors are a very important part of any gliding club. Instructing can be highly rewarding, great fun, and is great way of putting something back into gliding.

The UK currently exempts gliding from EASA Part-FCL requirements. The BGA is continuing to train pilots under BGA requirements, whilst supporting those who choose to convert their BGA qualifications to an EASA FCL licence.

BGA Instructor Ratings

There are three BGA instructor ratings. All instructors operate under the oversight of their club CFI.

  • Basic Instructor

Teaches some upper air exercises only. Training is carried out at the pilots club or at a club in the region. The CFI arranges the course. The Basic Instructor course is detailed here.

  • Assistant Instructor

Teaches the BGA syllabus. The BGA Assistant Instructor course comprises of;

  • A weekend teaching and learning seminar
  • Club-based preparation as required on an individual basis
  • An interim feedback session to make sure the candidate feels prepared to attend the main course
  • A 7-day course followed by a final assessment

Full details are on our Assistant Instructor Course webpage.

This 50 second video explains how it all works!

You can read the Assistant Instructor course handbook here.

Book a course here.

  • Full Instructor

Teaches the BGA syllabus, and can assess pilots for the Bronze and Cross country endorsements. Training is optional. An Assistant Instructor can be put forward by their CFI for Full Rating assessment carried out by a Regional Examiner.  The Full Rating Assessment is detailed here.

The Full Rating is also a gateway for instructors to;

  • Teach field landing techniques and gliding Navigation in a motor-glider
  • Test Field landing and Navigation in a Motor-Glider
  • Coach new instructors
  • Become a club CFI
  • Regional examining and BI / IFP coaching roles

If you have any questions, please start by asking your CFI. If he or she doesn’t know the answer, please try the Senior Regional Examiner (SRE). If there’s still doubt, please contact the BGA Training Standards Manager, Mike Fox.

SRE and other contact details are here.

Basic, Assistant and Full Rated Instructor Requirements

The requirements for all BGA instructors are detailed in the BGA publication ‘Instructor requirements’. This document includes all instructor rating initial issue, revalidation and renewal requirements and guidance.

(Please note that non-instructor pilot requirements including BGA Introductory Flight Pilot (IFP) requirements are detailed within the BGA publication ‘Gliding Certificate and endorsements’)

Booking an Assistant Instructor Course

To check available course dates and to book, please refer to the Courses and Seminars webpage.


Some clubs subsidise the training of their instructors. It’s worth asking! There are a number of generous funding opportunities.

Instructor Resources

BGA instructor manual and other important and helpful resources are available here.

BGA training organisation

The BGA training organisation is decribed in detail here.

Instructor Forms

Instructor forms are available here.

Instructor Publications

Instructor publications are available here.

Field Landing

Field landing guidance is available here.

 BGA Instructor / Examiner Contacts

BGA instructor committee and examiner contacts are on the examiner webpage.