The BGA provides support to gliding examiners operating at BGA clubs. The BGA examiner system is currently being transitioned to a Part-SFCL compliant system.

BGA examiner qualifications

BGA Full Rated Instructors are authorised to conduct skill tests and proficiency checks for the issue of the Bronze Endorsement and the Cross-Country endorsement.

BGA Regional Examiners are authorised to conduct skill tests and proficiency checks for the issue of any BGA endorsement or rating that they hold.

BGA examiner guidance and standards

The BGA publication ‘BGA Examining Standards’ details BGA examiner requirements and examining standards; all Regional Examiners or prospective examiners as well as BGA Full Rated instructors who carry out Bronze and Cross Country endorsement tests should be familiar with the detail.

The BGA Examining Standards document is available here.

Assessment records for use by examiners are available here:

BGA Assistant Instructor Assessment record

BGA Full Instructor Rating Assessment record

BGA examiner application form

The BGA examiner application form is available here.

SFCL examiner guidance and standards

Any SFCL sailplane examiner operating at a BGA club must adhere to the required standards. Please refer to the SFCL Flight Examiner Handbook.

Only those holding a Flight Examiner (Sailplanes) certificate can examine for an SFCL qualification. An SFCL FE(S) is authorised to examine as detailed on her/his examiner licensing certificate issued by the CAA. Eg:

SFCL.415.FE applies as in

(a) – which refers in SFCL.415 as SPL skill tests

(b) – which refers in SFCL.415 as Extension of SPL to TMG skill tests

(c) – which refers in SFCL.415 as (i) Assessment of competence for the FI(S) in sailplanes, and (ii) FI(S) in TMGs

BGA Cloud Flying Endorsement Assessment

The following are authorised to assess for the BGA Cloud Flying Endorsement:

Andy Aveling, Andy Durston, Barry Elliott, Derren Francis, John Garrett, Graham Holloway, Gordon MacDonald, Chris Marren, Graham Morris, Andy Miller, Nick Norman, Patrick Naegeli, Paul Ruskin, Andrew Roch, Derek Smith, Dave Watt, Paul Whitehead, Alan Wrigley, Robert Tait, Rob Barsby, Ian Mitchell, Peter Gill, Jamie Sage, Tony Moulang

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