Instructor resources

This page lists many of the resources that are available for instructors. Please visit the BGA website library for a full list of all documents held that may be of particular interest to instructors – both current and prospective. Scroll down to see all the resources available.

BGA Instructor Manual

View and download individual sections of the BGA Instructor Manual here.

Book instructor training

Book BGA instructor training courses here

Instructor Newsletters

You can view the Instructor newsletters here.

Instructor reference cards (.pdf)

Right click on the link below, ideally on your mobile device, and save it to be displayed on your favorite .pdf reader, eg tablet or phone. Use the usual pdf viewer to display this very helpful aide memoir which includes many new diagrams by Steve Longland.

Download or view the instructor reference cards here

SFCL compliant training

SFCL compliant training information and resources are available here.

Threat and Error Management in Gliding

There is a three part explanation of TEM in gliding available here.

Teaching Human Factors and TEM (a CASA publication)

Managing Flying Risk is available here.

Student Pilot Manual

A superbly illustrated ready reference that is ideal for instructors as well as student pilots. Learn more and buy online here.

Bronze and Cross-Country Endorsements

Bronze and Cross Country Endorsements guidance including theory testing is available here.

Field Landing Training

Paul Ruskin has supplied an excellent reference.

Navigation Training

Paul Ruskin has supplied an excellent reference.

Cloud Flying

Paul Ruskin has shared resources that he uses when teaching cloud flying.

Inexperienced Solo Pilot Briefing Topics

This leaflet includes topics that could be used in an inexperienced solo pilot pre-flight briefing.

Converting a pilot from powered flying to gliding?

Most aeroplane pilots will be able to handle a glider more or less immediately. There are of course differences that need to be learnt; co-ordination of rudder and aileron to address aileron drag, a circuit and approach with no go around option but excellent airbrakes, and a launch type to master. As well as the all important gliding airmanship/threat and error detail. We recommend this gliding instructors guide to all those involved with converting powered aeroplane pilots to gliding.

Demonstration Videos

Recommended patter

Example Pre-flight Briefing (exercise – stalling in a turn)

Audio files

BGA Patter for the Basic Exercises

Use the link button below for a direct link – you may have to click it, then right click on the resulting page and select ‘Download Link Target’, ‘Save As’, or similar, depending on your browser. Alternatively, you can stream the content right here by using the player below that.

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