Bronze and Cross Country Endorsements

Going solo is a great achievement. This page describes the two further steps during which a solo pilot develops the skills and gains the experience needed to become a qualified glider pilot; the Bronze and Cross Country endorsements.

Gaining experience and improving skills and knowledge is one of the most important features of this part of a glider pilots training. And as everyone learns at their own rate, it is important not to rush any aspect of pilot training or to feel peer-pressured to achieve the next level.

Please note that club CFI’s can provide detailed advice and guidance on all aspects of training and testing.

Bronze Endorsement

To qualify for the Bronze endorsement, the applicant must demonstrate an adequate level of theoretical knowledges, gliding experience, and safe piloting skills and airmanship ‘such that the successful outcome of a procedure or a manoeuvre should never seriously be in doubt’. See qualifying requirements below. The holder of a Bronze endorsement can fly safely in the local area with the minimum of supervision, subject to local club requirements.

Theoretical Knowledge

It is very important that all pilots understand the environment in which they are flying as well as the applicable rules and good practice, all of which help us to manage risk. The Bronze endorsement theoretical knowledge test covers a broad range of subjects. Please refer to the theoretical knowledge syllabus.

The BGA recommended study guides are

Bronze and Beyond‘, which is periodically updated by the experienced gliding instructor author.

‘Laws and Rules’

‘Air Law Aeronautical Knowledge’ (published 2016), which covers the ANO 2016, SERA and other EASA requirements.

Your club CFI can provide the theoretical knowledge test.

Cross Country Endorsement

To qualify for the Cross Country endorsement, the applicant has to demonstrate his or her ability to soar, to navigate effectively, and to select and fly an approach into a suitable field (see qualifying requirements below).

The holder of the Bronze and Cross Country endorsements is a qualified glider pilot who can fly beyond gliding range of their home airfield (subject to local club requirements), and automatically qualifies to apply for a glider pilot licence (see licence conversion).

Qualifying requirements

The qualifying requirements for the Bronze and the Cross Country endorsements are described in the publication BGA Gliding Certificate and Endorsements For convenience, we’ve summarised those below;

Bronze endorsement:

  • Dual and solo flying experience
  • Pass a flying skills assessment and an associated oral test
  • Pass a multiple choice theory test

Cross country endorsement:

  • One hour and separately two hour duration solo flights
  • Pass a field selection and field landing skills assessment
  • Pass a navigation skills assessment

Navigation training and testing guidance for instructors is available here.

Other specific guidance for instructors/examiners is available starting at page 21 in  the BGA Examiner Standards document.


Post solo training that prepares a pilot for the Bronze is guided by a syllabus .

Training is recorded on a simple training record card .


Application forms are available here.


Pilot training publications are available here.