Instructors are a very important part of any gliding club. Instructing can be highly rewarding, great fun, and is great way of putting something back into gliding.

Important note for instructors and CFIs!

Instructor Revalidations During the Transition to EASA Part-FCL

During the transition to compliance with Part-FCL, the UK has decided to continue using national systems. As such, during the period of transition the BGA will continue to use the BGA instructor rating requirements including revalidation as described in Laws and Rules under ‘Instructor Requirements’.

More detail is available here, including advice for those holding an EASA FCL FI(S) certificate.

EASA FCL FI(S) revalidation guidance including completion of the CAA Form 1135 is available here

Instructor Requirements

The requirements for all BGA instructors are detailed in the BGA publication ‘Instructor requirements’. This document includes all instructor rating initial issue, revalidation and renewal requirements and guidance.

Please note that pilot requirements including BGA Introductory Flight Pilot (IFP) requirements (for use by EASA licence holders) are detailed within the BGA publication ‘Gliding Certificate and endorsements’.

Instructor Resources

BGA instructor manual and other important and helpful resources are available here.

BGA training organisation

The BGA training organisation is decribed in detail here.

Instructor Development – the BGA Full Rating

After a period of time as an Assistant Instructor, successfully completing a Full Instructor rating assessment permits the instructor to train and test pilots for the Bronze and Cross Country endorsements. The Full Rating is also a gateway for instructors to;

  • Teach field landing techniques and gliding Navigation in a motor-glider
  • Test Field landing and Navigation in a Motor-Glider
  • Coach new instructors
  • Become a club CFI
  • Regional examining and BI / IFP coaching roles

The Full Rating Assessment is detailed here.

Instructor Courses and Seminars

Please refer to the Courses and Seminars webpage.

Instructor Forms

Instructor forms are available here.

Instructor Publications

Instructor publications are available here.

Field Landing

Field landing guidance is available here.

 BGA Instructor / Examiner Contacts

BGA instructor committee and examiner contacts are on the examiner webpage.