The BGA faciltates various gliding-related webinars. They include a mix of interesting talks about adventurous flying, pilot development content, and gliding basics.

Here is the current schedule, which includes links to recordings of previous sessions.

Upcoming Sessions
Saturday 28 November20:00UKJG: What can YOU do within Gliding?Ben HughesRegister
Thursday 03 December20:00UKJG: Looking after yourself in flight.Saz ReedRegister
Monday 14 December20:00SPL - What, how & when? (Repeat)Pete StrattenRegister
Previous Sessions
Saturday 21 November20:00UKJG: What can you club do to help Juniors?Pete Hibbard
Friday 20 November20:00UKJG: Transitioning from Gliding to Power FlyingAlex Harris
Monday 16 November 202020:00SPL - What, how & when?Pete StrattenYouTube
Sunday 15 November20:00Bronze Theory: Air Law and ATCMichael HarrisonYouTube
Wednesday 11 November20:00My First Glider - Buying, Owning, RunningMiles BaileyYouTube
Sunday 08 November 202020:00UKJG: First solo to Junior hero!Jake Brattle & Finn SleighYouTube
Friday 06 November 202019:00Pilot Owner MaintenanceGordon MacDonaldYouTube
Saturday 31 October 202020:00Bronze Theory: CommunicationsJordan BridgeYouTube
Sunday 18 October 202020:00The eWinter Series: What is UK Junior Gliding?Steve Pozerskis YouTube
Tuesday 05 May 202020:00Wave Soaring & Diamond HeightChris GillYouTube
Sunday 03 May 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 4)Sant CervantesYouTube
Tuesday 28 April 202019:00Flying in the AndesPhil SturleyYouTube
Sunday 26 April 202019:00Forecasting and Post Flight AnalysisJake Brattle & Finn SleighYouTube
Saturday 25 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 3)Sant CervantesYouTube
Thursday 23 April 202018:00Weather Forecasting for Glider PilotsPhil WarnerYouTube
Sunday 19 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 2)Sant CervantesYouTube
Friday 17 April 202020:00Thermal Centering and Thermalling With OthersMike FoxYouTube
Sunday 12 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 1)Sant CervantesYouTube
Friday 03 April 202019:00Launching and Getting AwayMike FoxYouTube
Wednesday 01 April 202019:30Soaring Potential in WalesChris GillYouTube
Sunday 29 March 202019:00Level Up in LockdownJake Brattle & Finn SleighYouTube
Friday 27 March 202019:30BGA Chairman's UpdateAndy PerkinsYouTube