Altimeter setting and airspace

The French authorities have published a report into a 2019 infringement of class D airspace in France by a D-registered Nimbus 3DT that resulted in an airprox with a proximity of between 30m and 100m with an HB-registered Challenger bizjet.  The Challenger crew spotted the glider and turned to avoid.

The Nimbus 3DT pilot was using the incorrect altimeter setting and as result thermalled up into the class D airspace. The resulting lack of communication with ATC and non-use of a transponder as required in that piece of Class D airspace also contributed to the airprox.

This occurrence from three years ago reminds all pilots of the need to use the correct altimeter setting and to be aware of and comply with the relevant airspace rules. As most glider pilots fly using a moving map, ensuring the software and settings are up to date and correct is critically important.

You can read more information about airspace here.