The BGA has been advised that some users have discovered issues and been advised of a fix associated with EasyVFR Basic. We have shared the details here so that users of EasyVFR Basic either alone or as a SkyEcho2 display are aware of the problem and the available fix.

EasyVFR notes that ‘with the introduction of AIRAC cycle 202312 EasyVFR discovered that EasyVFR3 version 3.97.43 cannot handle AIRAC cycles from 202312 onwards because the AIRAC calendar programmed at the time for Canada and Australia does not go beyond 202311.

This causes all 3.97.43 versions of EasyVFR and all versions of EasyVFR Basic UK and NL  to give marmalade error messages when they are started.

EasyVFR managed to develop fixed versions for EasyVFR 3, EasyVFR 3 Basic UK and EasyVFR 3 Basic NL versions running on Android.

Unfortunately these fixes cannot be distributed using google Playstore or Apple Appstore because EasyVFR3 does not comply to their minimum requirements anymore. Since a number of years, the successor product EasyVFR 4 is available (see www.easyvfr4.aero) and the most logical advise would be to start using this version since a current license is valid for that version too. A good place to start for more information about EasyVFR 4 is  https://support.easyvfr4.aero/help/download-install-and-activate-easyvfr-4

If it is required to keep using EasyVFR 3 then fixes are available for Android systems. Use the links listed below on an Android device and allow your Android device to install apps from external sources when asked.

For android the following links are available :

for EasyVFR 3 3.97.44 https://members.pocketfms.com/WebProgramDownloads/EasyVFR/EasyVFR_3.97.44.apk

For EasyVFR 3 Basic UK


For EasyVFR 3 Basic NL


That should enable an install and everything should work again.’