Engaging disabled people in sport

Last Sunday marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities – a great reminder about the importance of engaging disabled participants in sport and physical activity.

Sport England’s ‘Engaging disabled people’ guidance details how clubs can work towards providing an accessible offer and how taking a person-centred approach can help break down the barriers preventing people from participating, while keeping an eye on those who need reassuring that activities are suitable for their needs and that they’ll take place in a safe environment.

It also lays out the steps organisations can take to improve their offer for people, including:

  • Driving awareness by using trusted communications channels and providing local opportunities to reduce travel requirements
  • Engaging people by understanding their individual values and taking a person-centred approach, as opposed to focussing on the impairment

Offer support and reassurance by talking to people about their needs and what they’re looking to get out of your activities.