Skill fade after a break from flying

The FAI is delivering a webinar on the 12th May designed for pilots of any air sports and skydivers who are eager to resume their activities after a break. Its main objective is to raise awareness about the decline in skills that occurs when individuals take a break, such as many have experienced this winter. More details are available here.

Meanwhile, as club CFIs and others have previously noted (for example after the Covid restrictions were lifted), experienced pilots who are a bit short on currency can cope by taking things slowly, thinking very carefully about preparing for flight, and not being too ambitious with their flying until they have regained currency. Less experienced pilots may need or choose to have a refresher briefing and some dual refresher flying.  The key point is to be individually aware of currency (or lack thereof) and if in any doubt, ask for advice from the club CFI.

The BGA currency barometer is available here.