Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing is reporting certain types of wrongdoing. In a gliding context, this will usually be something seen in the course of participating in, for example, gliding operations or maintenance that affects others. The wrongdoing that is disclosed must be in the wider interest. Anyone can make a whistleblowing report, but please read the information below first as not all complaints or reports will be handled under this process e.g. a personal grievance.

The BGA will respect the confidentiality of a whistleblower unless agreed otherwise with them and will process any information relating to individuals in accordance with our data policies. On occasion, the BGA will receive allegations/complaints that may not be classed as whistleblowing and as such, the source will not be protected as a whistleblower would be.

How to make a report

Please submit your report in writing to the BGA office. The BGA will investigate in an appropriate manner, but to achieve this, the contact details for the whistleblower will be required. If you make a report, you will receive a response. In due course you will be advised of our findings.