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In 2016, Wrekin Gliding Club (WGC) will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its formation although gliding at Cosford can be traced back over 60 years. Planning is at an early stage to provide an opportunity for club members, new and old, to join together to celebrate our Anniversary at RAF Cosford.
WGC is proud that we are one of seven present day clubs that form the Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association (RAFGSA), the RAFGSA offering service personnel the chance to experience the sport of gliding.
We are also proud of our heritage and the past history of RAF Cosford. Built in 1937, the construction of the airfield was the first major contract of the newly formed company of Sir Alfred McAlpine and Son Ltd, and was originally intended as an Aircraft Storage Unit (ASU). Those origins are evident today as the club’s aircraft are housed in one of the eight remaining Type E Lamella hangars originally designed to foil aerial reconnaissance.


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