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Derbyshire & Lancashire G.C.

Camphill – 80 years of gliding ….

Camphill is just the place for you to experience the magic of glider flight – to actually soar like a bird over the Derbyshire countryside.

Camphill is a hill top gliding airfield flanked by ridges on the west side and to the south. The airfield is 3/4 mile long North-South and 600 yards wide East-West. It is an all grass airfield with a well kept smooth surface. There is a hard core perimeter track for easy access to all parts of the airfield.

Converted from the buildings of Camphill Farm, a Derbyshire hill farm – the clubhouse provides excellent facilities by normal gliding club standards. Bar, dining room, lounge/clubroom, TV, email, etc.. Why not learn to fly fast on one of our 5 day residential Gliding Holidays. Gliding Holiday Courses are an excellent way to accelerate your learning. You are immersed in club activities from the moment you arrive until the last minute of your final day.

Named after the iron age enclosure at the south end of our airfield, Camphill has been the home of The Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club since 1935. The airfield was formed from the fields of Camphill Farm and our clubhouse was once the farmhouse. It is now a listed building.

In early days Camphill was noted as a good site for soaring in hill lift. As gliding developed the site became equally well known for thermal soaring and for lee wave lift triggered by the Pennine Hills.

At the heart of the Peak District, this is an idyllic gliding site, in beautiful surroundings. It has been, and is, loved by many.

PLEASE NOTE – for 2019 we are not able to to redeem the BGA “Go For Gliding” voucher. We can however offer our own alternative. Click Here for more details

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Derbyshire & Lancashire G.C.

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