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Founded in 2014 by Lee Ingram, MotorGlide is a gliding club focusing exclusively on motorgliders, which offer an affordable alternative for those who lack the budget for expensive flying schools. MotorGlide operates under the banner of the British Gliding Association.

MotorGlide currently operates a fleet of two aircraft: an SF25 for basic training and glider pilot conversions, and a HK36 Dimona for more advanced pilots. Training in a Piper PA-28 can be arranged for those wishing to convert to Single Engine Piston/Simple Single Engined Aircraft.

MotorGlide offers the following:

  • Cross Country Endorsements
  • Glider pilot conversions to NPPL (SLMG)
  • PPL/NPPL/LAPL/SPL ground school and exams
  • Trial lessons
  • Ab initio NPPL/LAPL/SPL (TMG/SLMG) instruction
  • SEP/SSEA conversions
  • Aircraft self-hire

For ab initio pilots, MotorGlide provides a complete training package (including all flying instruction, ground school, exams, tests and study materials) for a fraction of the cost of training at a normal flying school. This will enable you to gain a pilot’s licence with SLMG/TMG and SSEA/SEP privileges, allowing you to fly motorgliders and light aircraft.

With a cosy clubhouse and a friendly, family-run atmosphere, MotorGlide offers a different kind of flying experience for members, pilots from other gliding clubs and adventurous members of the public alike.

Visit the MotorGlide website to find out more.



MotorGlide Bicester Airfield Skimmingdish Lane Bicester OX27 8AL

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