Airworthiness Courses and Seminars

The BGA runs a selection of courses for BGA Inspectors and individuals involved in glider maintenance for their club.

ARC Course

To qualify as a BGA ARC signatory (within the BGA CAMO) you need to have at least 3 years’ experience as a BGA inspector (unless you are a EASA form 4 holder in another EASA CAMO or part 66 engineer) , have successfully attended a BGA 1 day ARC/NARC signatory course,  at which point the BGA can sponsor you to the CAA. The CAA occasionally interview candidates to confirm adequate knowledge prior to issuing the EASA form 4 to the signatory, allowing you to issue ARCs within the BGA CAMO.  Your first ARC has to be fully supervised and you need to perform at least 1 ARC every 12 months to maintain legal currency.

Inspector refresher Course & Initial Issue including Human Factors

These are required every 5 years and consist of the latest EASA/BGA/CAA rule changes, changes of BGA procedures, lessons learned from previous experience, practical and compliant ways performing repairs, engineering human factors and a 2 way exchange of knowledge and ideas on how to improve what we do.

BGA Club Maintainers’ Course

This is a new initiative to support those involved with helping to maintain gliders at their club. It’s an ideal step for anyone planning to be a BGA inspector.

The course aims to give more knowledge (especially with the unavoidable paperwork) and confidence at a practical level whilst building experience performing permitted pilot owner maintenance.

On completion of the course, maintainers will be able to work in compliance with the legal ‘pilot/owners’ maintenance framework and be able to judge themselves if they have the relevant skills to perform all pilot/owner maintenance tasks. Read about pilot/owner maintenance here.

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