BGA and FAI Sporting Achievement


Once trained as a qualified pilot, soaring and cross country experience naturally leads to gliding sporting achievements. Most clubs can provide training/coaching to help qualified glider pilots recognise and achieve their potential in this fascinating and endlessly challenging sport.

Gliding Badges and Diplomas

Recognised gliding achievements include height gains, distances and speeds around closed tasks. Where these meet the qualifying requirements and following submission of an application, they may result in the pilot being awarded specific gliding badges and diplomas.

Full details including the qualifying requirements are described at Sporting Badges and Diplomas.

Application forms are available here.

If you want to buy wearable badges, please refer to the BGA Shop.

Gliding Records

Pilots can view existing British gliding records here.

If you intend to or have broken a record, you can apply to have your record recognised using an FAI IGC form available from this link.