Rules of the Air

Rules of the air are important. They exist for the guidance of the wise and the protection of the foolish.

Standardised Rules of the Air (SERA) apply to all pilots flying in UK airspace. The CAA publishes UK SERA information here.

Please note exemptions apply from time to time – please see the CAA Official Record Series.

The CAA also publishes CAP1535 ‘The Skyway Code’. ‘The Skyway Code’ includes a large amount of information including  Rules of the Air and other airspace related rules published in an accessible format aimed at pilots. The Skyway Code in full is available here.

A handy ‘Rules of the Air’ extract from ‘The Skyway Code’ is available here.


Note: Where CAA Skyway Code references to ‘Part Non Commercial Operations (Part-NCO)’ are made, in the case of sailplanes including powered sailplanes including TMGs, the reference should instead read as ‘Part Sailplane Air Operations (Part-SAO)’.