What is a Motor Glider?

Gliders – otherwise known as sailplanes – have a variety of methods of getting airborne. One of these methods is self-launch using a suitable engine.

Motor gliders sit under two definitions in retained EU regulation, both of which are sailplanes;

  • Self-launching sailplane (for example a DG400)
  • Touring Motor Glider (for example a G109B)

The UK ANO captures both self-launching sailplanes and TMGs under a different, national definition, i.e. Self Launching Motor Glider, referred to commonly as ‘SLMG’.

Pilot Training and Licensing

Details of pilot training and licensing guidance is available here.


Motor gliders have unique features which make them excellent for teaching field landings but require careful attention by all pilots and instructors. Read more here.


Airworthiness and Maintenance guidance is available here.


BGA Motor Glider Handbook

General field-landing information