Aim Higher


The guidance published on this webpage is designed to support those at clubs who are involved in helping with the coaching and development of soaring pilots, as well as individual pilots who want to learn more about soaring!

Achieving personal goals – Aim Higher

Formal gliding training takes place to a defined syllabus and results in tests and qualifications. That is a means to an end ie qualifying as a glider pilot. But of course the experiences we can have in gliding are potentially boundless. And gliding is many things to many different people. Having fun in the air is obviously up there as a primary objective in most pilots minds! Meeting personal goals and in many cases, stretching ourselves a bit and perhaps competing with others are common aspirations. Of course some are very happy flying circuits around their local airfield. Others are keen to do much more. Each to their own, of course. However, it’s too easy for a newly qualified glider pilot to become stuck in a rut and not making progress. Is that fun? No. Is that frustrating? Almost definitely…

Aim Higher is a wide-ranging and long term project which aims to help clubs to support the development of all club pilots by meeting their needs. And in doing so, encourage everyone to raise their sights on what is possible given the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence.

Kevin Atkinson leads Aim Higher. Kev, who flies at Cranwell GC, is an experienced as a club soaring and cross-country coach. He develops, organises and runs Aim Higher activities including some soaring and cross country development weeks facilitated at clubs on request. Kevin can be contacted via the BGA office. Kev is supported by Tony Cronshaw, an instructor from Cambridge GC.

Details of upcoming Aim Higher activities and opportunities can be found under Aim Higher News.

Promoting Your Club Activity!

Why not ask your club PR person to list any coaching opportunities open to members of other clubs on your club’s own BGA website page and send the details to the BGA office? We can help you to promote your activity.