Resources and links

The following web resources and links are provided to support pilots training and interest.

While we are confident that the detail is supplied in good faith, please note that we have no control over third party information and that the third party information has not been verified.

Please contact the BGA office if any links are found broken.

Learning to Fly

Student Pilot Manual

The BGA Student Pilot Manual is a must have for anyone learning to glide – available from the BGA here.

Bronze Theory

Bronze and Cross Country Endorsements information – BGA

Preparing for the Bronze theoretical knowledge test – Cambridge Gliding Centre

Building knowledge


Bronze endorsement communications – Jordan Bridge

Field Landing

Field landing guidance including a video series describing key aspects of choosing a safe field – BGA


Learn about weather – Met Office

Tephigrams part 1 and Tephigrams part 2 – Scottish Gliding Centre

Forecasting for glider pilots – Phil Warner


Learn about gliding navigation here – Paul Ruskin


Learn about using a gliding emergency parachute – Pure Glide

Bailing out of a glider – G Dale

Principles of Flight

Principles of flight lift, drag and glider performance  РRichard Lancaster

Principles of flight control and stability – Richard Lancaster

Simulated training

The Glider School – Simon Stannard


Various resources including videos are available here – BGA


Glide Britain videos – BGA


Level up in lockdown! – Jake Brattle and Finn Sleigh

Forecasting and post flight analysis – Jake Brattle and Finn Sleigh

Ridge soaring

Mountain and ridge soaring – FFVP

‘Ten traps in ridge flying’ – Gliding NZ

Rules of the Air

Air law and ATC – Michael Harrison


Flying at Talgarth – Black Mountains GC

Flying the South Downs ridge – Southdown GC


Glider instruments – Richard Lancaster

Owning your first glider – Miles Bailey

Pilot owner maintenance – BGA

Wave soaring

A beginners guide to wave soaring – Chris Gill

Wave flying in Scotland 1 – Sant Cervantes

Wave flying in Scotland 2 – Sant Cervantes

Wave flying in Scotland 3 – Sant Cervantes

Wave flying in Scotland 4 – Sant Cervantes