Is your glider fit for flight?

Rigging errors, and other errors and omissions in preparing a glider for flight, are frequently caused by interruption, distraction, forgetfulness, and making unwarranted assumptions. The BGA has repeatedly drawn attention to these hazards and stressed the importance of rigging, and performing DIs and pre-flight checks, without interruption or DISTRACTION..

Gliding fields are interesting places, with friends and distractions. But, even if you are in a holiday mood doing the thing that you love, be professional about making sure the glider is safely rigged and checked.

If you are rigging as a team, make sure that a single person is responsible for directing operations and ensuring that the rigging, loose article and positive control checks are undertaken.

Please read the BGA safety leaflet ‘Is your glider fit for flight?

Further guidance is available at EASA SIB 2019 07.

A ‘toolbox’ of suggested actions clubs can additionally take to help to minimise the risk has been developed and will be published during March.