A Restricted Area (Temporary) also known as a RA(T), is a temporary airspace structure established under article 239 of the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016 to ensure the safety of participants or attendees during specific events/activities or for reasons of National Defence or any other reason affecting the public interest. A RA(T) will always be designed to restrict aircraft using the minimum amount of airspace to achieve this aim. Whilst most are areas of specified radius, some RA(T)s can be more complex in shape. Some examples of events/activities where a RA(T) may be established include Airshows, Air Racing, Flypasts, Festivals, and Specific Helicopter Flights.

As a RA(T) is specific to individual locations and event, an airshow with slower participants displaying at lower altitudes will have a smaller RA(T) than one which has, for example, a fast jet display carrying out high energy manoeuvres. This affords the aircraft engaged in display manoeuvres protection from unknown traffic but does not restrict transit traffic through the area disproportionately. Due to manoeuvres associated with displaying a large formation team (such as the Red Arrows), shorter, individual displays, although part of the bigger event, require a larger volume of restricted airspace.

A RA(T) can be promulgated in three combinations:
1. NOTAM and Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC),
2. NOTAM and Briefing Sheet, or

Pilots are reminded that unauthorised entry into a RA(T) will result in a Mandatory Occurrence Report and infringement action by the CAA.

Please, always check NOTAMs before flight. It is the pilot in command responsibility to do so.

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