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If you fly in East Anglia, you need to read this

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In recent months RAF Marham and RAF Lakenheath in East Anglia have become home to increasing numbers of Lockheed Martin F-35 (Lightning II) multirole combat aircraft. In routine airspace-use discussions with the military, the BGA has learnt and agreed to pass on that as part of their training, F-35 pilots…

Are your airspace files up to date?

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Flying cross-country or even locally in some parts of the UK without a moving map can be extremely challenging from an airspace perspective. Which is why most glider pilots fly with a GPS moving map with audible and visual warnings etc. Like all technology, to be effective and safe a…

Altimeter setting and airspace

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The French authorities have published a report into a 2019 infringement of class D airspace in France by a D-registered Nimbus 3DT that resulted in an airprox with a proximity of between 30m and 100m with an HB-registered Challenger bizjet.  The Challenger crew spotted the glider and turned to avoid….

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