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Lincolnshire Gliding Club Ltd

Flying on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Flying beside the sea

Launching from Strubby one of the first and most obvious sights is the sea. The east coast of England stretches out north and south from the Humber to the Wash, and on a clear day both Yorkshire and Norfolk can be seen.

Inland the wolds also run approximately north-south, meaning that it’s rarely necessary to look at the compass to know in which direction you are heading.

The virtual absence of airspace restrictions over the Strubby area means that many cross-country routes are possible for the intrepid, with usual target destinations being Crowland (Peterborough & Spalding GC), Kirton-in-Lindsey (Severn Trent GC) or Pocklington (Wolds GC). The surrounding fields are large and flat, with standing crops being the most likely hazard when needing to land out.

The sea breeze front adds to the challenge for both local soaring and cross-country exploits. Strubby is an excellent site for honing thermalling skills in marginal conditions. However, if the launch timing and height are right, the sea breeze front can be run like a very long (albeit invisible) ridge. Single-seater launch heights of 2500′ can be achieved if conditions are right, and heights for dual or single seater of 1500′ are common.


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