Instructor Courses and Seminars

Experienced pilots looking for Introductory Flight Pilot courses, or BI courses, or a Full Rating assessment, or MGIR assessment should discuss that with their CFI and contact their Senior Regional Examiner who can help identify the available support. If that is proving difficult, please contact the BGA office. Full details describing these qualifications and their requirements is available here.

The BGA facilitates various instructor courses and seminars throughout the year.

BGA Assistant Instructor Courses

Completing this course qualifies a pilot to instruct the full BGA gliding syllabus.

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BGA Flight Instructor Coach Seminars

This seminar is the first part of the training required to qualify as a Flight Instructor Coach.

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BGA Instructor Development Week

This flexible course is designed to be used by trainee and qualified instructors for any development purpose, eg B module training, adding instructor privileges, or simply refreshing existing skills.

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SFCL Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner (Sailplanes) Refresher Seminars

A refresher seminar forms part of the SFCL FI(S) recency requirement and FE(S) renewal requirement.

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