Junior Events

Throughout the year, UK Junior Gliding runs events aimed at young pilots.

The Winter Series welcomes junior pilots of all abilities from pre-solo to instructors. Join us for a weekend away, seeing a different site, meeting pilots from across the country all while gaining new flying experiences.

The UK Junior Nationals is an annual BGA competition open to all junior pilots with a Silver Badge. With a mix of different experience levels, this is an ideal place to start for those wishing to become competition pilots. For juniors who don’t meet the requirements to enter, competition training with instructors in two-seaters is also available.

These events are not managed or operated by the BGA, so please contact UKJG regarding event arrangements and the host airfield gliding club for any details regarding the operation.

Upcoming Events

UK Junior Nationals & Two-Seater Training 2021


Saturday 21st – Sunday 29th August 2021

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The 2021 UK Junior Nationals will be hosted by Costswold Gliding Club at Aston Down. Pilots who are turning 26 in or after 2021 and who hold a Silver Badge are eligible to enter. For junior pilots unable to compete, two-seater training run by experienced cross-country coaches will be taking place alongside the competition. Sign-up to follow in due course.