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Junior Development

Welcome to the world of UK junior gliding. Whether you’re just thinking about starting or whether you’re already well into it, this part of the site is designed for you. We’ve got background stuff as well as info on junior gliding centres (JGCs), sources of funding, and much more. There’s also resources for clubs thinking about becoming a JGC. Look around and then get down to your nearest club to experience it for yourself. Schools and scout groups looking for advice can find it by following the links on the public-facing juniors web page.

Following a change in the law a couple of years ago, you can now go solo at 14. Lots of young pilots have taken advantage of this, including some who made their first solo flight on their 14th birthday.

As well as the flying, there is a great social scene and the juniors have a full programme of both flying and non-flying events throughout the year, including the Winter Series which is held at gliding sites around the country. You can keep up to date with what’s happening on the Juniors’ facebook site.

As well as being great fun, gliding is a serious sport (for some). The annual Junior Championship attracts pilots from across the country and the BGA provides training in two-seat gliders alongside experienced competition pilots for those who haven’t taken part in their first competition. The British Junior Gliding Team competes in international competitions – they will be in Australia at the end of 2015 competing in the World Junior Championships – keep an eye on their progress via the Team GB pages.

If you are new to the juniors scene, there is a network of mentors who can help you get involved with the other pilots, events like the Junior Nationals / Winter Series and also be able to answer any questions you have about gliding. They’ve all got a fair bit of experience and will help push you to develop and become the next generation of glider pilot.

If you want more information about how to progress your flying or if you want to let us know about what you are doing, please contact the BGA Junior Gliding Co-ordinator Lizzie Pike (