University Gliding

University gliding clubs offer students a fantastic start in gliding. Usually based at the local gliding club, University clubs have excellent access to modern fleets of training aircraft and some of the larger university clubs even have their own gliders and instructors.

These clubs are often subsidised by the university and offer very good rates on flying to help cash-strapped students into the air.

Each year there is an inter-uni competition. This week provides a focal point for all university glider pilots. The competition rewards everything from going solo to doing a 500km racing task. There are also some fantastic evenings after the flying has finished. This year’s competition will be hosted by Edinburgh University. More details can be found on the competition web site.

If your university doesn’t already have a gliding club, why not consider setting one up? We can offer you advice – please contact the BGA office and ask to be put in touch with our university gliding co-ordinator.

There are a number of University Gliding Clubs that operate within BGA member clubs. They are a valued part of the gliding community. A helpful good practice guide for University gliding has been collaboratively with input from many University clubs, with support from Dick Poole, the volunteer BGA Universities Liaison Officer. You can view it here.

There’s a library of photographs which you can use to help publicise your club and we can supply you with stocks of brochures, loan of display material for use at events such as Freshers’ Fairs.

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