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LOA – Chipping Box

Letter of Agreement detailing the coordination procedures which will permit Bowland Forest GC to operate VFR within the airspace known as the Chipping Box.

Following the publication of CAP493 SI 01/2020 and the expiry of ORS 1312, changes have been made to VMC visibility and distance from cloud in Class D, which come into force on 26th March 2020.
As this procedure is documented in Appendix A of the Bowland Forest Gliding Club LoA, the LoA will need to be amended in order to reflect the procedure.
This change will also require the LoA to be re-signed; however, as this is such a short notice regulatory change, and until such time that the LoAs are sent out for signatory approval, this email will be used to formally notify you of the following change to the LoA.

App. 4
For flight in Class D airspace at and below 900 m (3 000 ft) AMSL, or 300 m (1 000 ft) above terrain, whichever is the higher, the Visual Meteorological Conditions to be complied with are those at SERA.5001 VMC visibility and distance from cloud minima Table S5-1:

a. Flight visibility: 5 km
b. Distance from cloud: 1,500m horizontally, 1,000ft vertically

Date Added: 02/05/2017 Last Modified: 03/05/2023
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