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Airspace Classification Review Consultation Examples

To assist respondents to the CAA's airspace classification review consultation.

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An Open Letter Concerning Airspace

A letter to all pilots from the Chairmen of the BGA Safety, Airspace and Competitions Committes concerning the need to...

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ATZ Briefing

Airspace Safety Initiative briefing

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BGA ACP Principles

Airspace Change Proposal principals developed to support initial responses to CAP1616 engagement responses from proposers.

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BGA Annual Report 2018

A review of BGA operations during 2018

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BGA response to CAA CAP1616 survey November 2021

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CAA CAP1391 Electronic Conspicuity Devices

Key outcomes from a CAA led project to develop an industry standard for low cost electronic conspicuity devices for light...

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Class D Airspace - R/T Example

Example of a typical radio interchange for a glider wishing to crosss Class D airspace

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Daventry Box 2022 - Competition Use

This Airspace Co-ordination Notice allows the gliders, tug aircraft and any other aircraft associated with a specified event which would...

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Deeside GC airspace guide

A Deeside GC publication designed to assist glider pilots flying in Scotland. THIS GUIDE DOES NOT REPLACE THE NEED TO...

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Dft Drone Consultation BGA Comments

BGA comments submitted to the Dft re the DfT Drone Consultation Dec-Mar 17

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Distress and Diversion (D&D) User Guide

Original posted on the LATCC webpage

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Fly on Track website

An independent website for private pilots, covering airspace infringement issues

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Gliding Activity Explained - RAF Air Clues Magazine Spring 2016

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Gliding Awareness for non-glider pilots

A briefing for all pilots describing where and how gliders operate

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Gliding radio frequency reference card

A gliding frequency reference card has been produced by Paul Ruskin, and is available as part of the Airfields and...

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Hawarden RMZ Guide

General Aviation Guide for the new Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone, effective 30th March 2017

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Mid Air Collision Avoidance - RAF Fairford safety leaflet

A MAC avoidance leaflet relevant to UK GA supplied by RAF Fairford in April 2017.

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Mildenhall and Lakenheath airspace briefing 2021

Mid air conflict avoidance briefing supplied by the USAFE

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Military airfield activity

Illustrative only. Subject to NOTAM, AIP amendments, etc.

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Military flying contacts

Military flying unit contacts for use during notification of significant gliding activity. Supplied by the RAF.

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Non-transponder areas (gliding)

Extract from 'ENR 6 EN-ROUTE CHARTS' August 2022

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Nuclear sites competition exemption

CAA exemption re competition flights only where briefed by the competition director. Questions regarding use of this exemption should in...

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Open Letter Concerning Airspace - August 2015

An open letter, following the letter of June 2015, containing an update and further guidance to pilots.

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Open Letter Concerning Airspace - February 2017

A letter to all pilots from the Chairmen of the BGA Safety, Airspace, Flight Operations and Competitions Committes concerning the...

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Parachute DZ frequencies

British Skydiving supplied data re parachute DZ's - updated Dec 19

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RA(T)s Briefing

BGA Briefing: Airspace Safety and RA(T)s

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Soaring and airspace - the glider pilots perspective

An education piece about how glider pilots stay airborne.

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TAG Farnborough additional airspace change consultation

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Winch cable warning poster

Winch cables warning for aeroplane pilots

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