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Aerotow Performance

Safety Briefing highlighting the factors affecting aerotow take-off performance - for consideration by glider pilots and tug pilots.

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BGA Motor Glider Handbook

Guidance for BGA clubs that have motor gliders (MGs) operating from their sites and for the pilots and owners of...

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Deregulation of Single Seat Microlight Aeroplanes

Briefing note re re CAA exemption for deregulation of single-seat microlights under 300kg

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Eurofox Towing Evaluation

Report by BGA Chief Tug Pilot

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LAA Pilot Refresher

Guidance for those about to spend an hour with an instructor for class rating revalidation purposes

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Managing partial power failure

An Australian ATSB publication re managing partial power loss after takeoff in single-engine aircraft

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NCO SPEC sailplane towing generic risk assessment and checklist

Required for sailplane towing with Part 21 aeroplanes and recommended for all other towing.

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Rotax 914 operating guidance

LAA article by Francis Donaldson

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Use of UL91

Guidance for operators considering use of Unleaded AVGAS UL91

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