Managing Flying Risk – Publications

Laws and Rules

“Laws and Rules” are published on the BGA website, providing the detail of BGA requirements and guidance as well as links to and guidance regarding EASA and CAA regulations. The BGA Operational Regulations, requirements and guidance have been developed in consultation with member clubs over many decades with the aim of meeting the practical needs of gliding clubs and their members. Objectives include clarity, effective risk management, and supporting compliance with applicable EASA and CAA regulations. The detail is frequently reviewed and updates are promulgated through BGA news.

The Laws and Rules webpage is available here.

Safety Publications

There is a lot of helpful information on the BGA safety webpages.

Website Information Library

The website library includes safety documents under the following categories 

  • Accident and incident summaries
  • Field landing
  • General safety publications
  • Investigation reports
  • Safe aerotowing
  • Safe winch launching
  • Safety briefings

Website Safety Briefings

The website library includes the following Safety Briefings 

  • Aerotow performance
  • Ballast weights
  • CAA safety sense leaflets including use of GPS and collision avoidance
  • Cable hang ups
  • Control confusion
  • Currency barometer
  • EU GA Safety Team leaflets including use of GPS and collision avoidance
  • FES ground safety
  • Field landing
  • GQ parachutes
  • Is your glider fit for flight?
  • Launch cable safety
  • Mountain flying
  • Mounting cameras for use in the air
  • Parachuting after a mid-air collision
  • Safe aero-towing
  • Safe winch launching
  • Safety foam
  • Soaring protocol

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