CAA PMD review consultation – please respond!

The CAA is consulting on final proposed changes to the Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD) system.

The Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD) scheme was introduced in August 2016 to offer recreational pilots the option to self-declare to the UK Civil Aviation Authority that they are fit to fly according to DVLA Group1 medical standards, instead of requiring certification by an Aero-Medical Examiner to CAA Class 2 Medical standards. The PMD has been very successful, being used by many thousands of private pilots already, including many glider pilots. It will become even more relevant to glider pilots when the Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) becomes mandatory. This is probably the last chance before then to have our say on this very important matter.

All UK glider pilots are encouraged to respond to the CAA consultation using the associated online survey. The consultation closes on 4th January 2024.

Full details including guidance and a link to the consultation document and survey are available here.