Sharing Good Practice

Why re-invent the wheel?  Clubs are often willing to share innovative ideas and provide help mutual support to one another.  The ‘BGA Good Practice Awards’ scheme aims to support that process and to bring your ideas to the attention of other clubs that may not otherwise be aware of them.

You can contribute ideas that have been practiced and tested at your club, and which you think could be adapted for the benefit of members at other clubs.  Ideas may be anything, small or large, with the main criterion that introducing the idea has had a significant and positive impact on your club’s operations.

What’s the difference between ‘best’ and ‘good’ practice?

It depends on the setting: ‘best practice’ because it is currently the best way of doing it in your club, but it could be ‘good practice’ for another club and they may select it from a number of ‘good practice’ examples from the Club Innovation Bank and adapt it to suit the club situation so it becomes ‘best practice’ for them.

Some examples of good practice case studies

Good Practice Award

The BGA is offering an annual award for the idea judged to be the best in any year. Minimum criteria are:

Innovative – ideas must have either something completely new, or apply existing ideas or methods in a new way.

Effective – must have been in use for a sufficient period of time for measurable benefits to be identified.

Evidence – of other clubs already adopting/borrowing the idea will be seen as a positive factor in assessing the concept.

We are looking for innovative and effective ideas in any aspect of club management and operations, for example:

  • Membership recruitment
  • Membership retention
  • Project finance
  • Other financial management
  • Design of buildings & facilities
  • Operational safety
  • Operational efficiency
  • Site protection & safeguarding
  • Noise limitation and control
  • Diversification of income
  • Environmental schemes
  • Site supervision
  • Advanced training & coaching
  • Community benefit
  • Local PR and community liaison
  • Volunteer management
  • Use of technology
  • Sport development
  • Activities for specific groups
  • Club administration systems

The assessment process

The closing date for applications is 1st September each year.  Results will be announced at the end of September and prizes will be awarded at the following BGA Club Management Conference.

A judging panel comprising of the Chair of the Development Committee, the BGA Chief Executive and the BGA Development Officer will score applications against the 20 development areas listed above, as follows:

Not applicable scores a 0

Moderate improvement scores a 1

Major improvement scores a 2

Adoption by other clubs scores 1 per additional club

Advice or observations from relevant experts in specific areas may be sought.

Applications from home clubs of panel members will result in substitution from another member of the Development Committee. Decisions can be appealed in writing to the BGA Chairman.


First place wins a free place on a BGA Instructors’ course!

Up to two runners up will receive commendations.

All three get a free ticket for the Club Management Conference, with the opportunity to present, as appropriate.

How to apply

Please use this form to share details of your innovation – and to be considered for the BGA Good Practice Award!

You can view good practice case studies here.