BGA Junior Gliding Centres

What is a BGA Junior Gliding Centre?

A BGA Junior Gliding Centre (JGC) is a BGA club that has received accreditation recognising that the club has policies, procedures and support systems in place to encourage pilots aged under 25.

The club will have demonstrated an ongoing commitment, as part of their club activities, to pursue excellence with a focus on Junior Pilots.

Periodically, the BGA JGC Support Officer will meet with the club to monitor the progress of the JGC.

The Vision – To help create skilled pilots through great instructing.

The Mission – To put support for Junior Pilots at the heart of club activities.

The Purpose – To transform lives through gliding.

Becoming a Junior Gliding Centre

Clubs wishing to become a Junior Gliding Centre should email or post a completed BGA Junior Gliding Centre application form to the BGA Junior Gliding Co-Ordinator, Liz Pike.

Details and an application form are available immediately below;

BGA Junior Gliding Centre Introduction

BGA Junior Gliding Centre Evidence Document

BGA Junior Gliding Centre Application Form

If there are any questions, Liz Pike can advise.

The BGA Child Protection Lead, Karon Matton is on hand to provide specific information and help with Child Protection issues – but before contacting Karon, please ensure that you’ve spent time looking at the BGA member website child protection information available here.


The JGC accreditation requirements are based on Sport England’s ‘Clubmark’ system. Most aspects of this should already be in place at the club. The list is not designed to be onerous. The accreditation system recognises that no two gliding clubs are the same, providing richness in the variety of gliding available in the UK, but does aim to ensure that all BGA Junior Gliding Centres offer a minimum standard of gliding facilities for junior glider pilots. A JGC certificate is issued to clubs that meet and maintain the requirements, and those clubs may display the JGC logo.


Current JGCs

Junior Gliding Centre documents including policies

Developing your Junior Gliding Centre Activities

Junior pilot mentoring

Filling the Gap – activities to support Junior pilots


JGC print and web resources