Respecting People Policies

One of the joys of gliding is the teamwork, camaraderie and the way we all support one another to safely take part in our sport. To support these positive behaviours, there are a suite of governance policies and statements that work together to support the creation of a safe and happy club environment.

As a foundation there are statements that set and manage expectations, backed up by policy and procedure documents, and all underlined by the club’s governing document (e.g. Constitution, Articles of Association). These various documents often refer to one another. For instance, there are key statements in the membership forms that refer to expected behaviours and specific policies. Below is the list of these intermeshing documents, with links to the specific document in the BGA library. These documents are generic, and designed for clubs to:

  • review;
  • amend to suit local requirements; and
  • to formally adopt at either a committee meeting or general meeting, as per the instructions set out in the club’s governing document.

NB these documents should not be added into the club’s Governing Document – they should be kept as individual documents.

If you have queries about club governance, policies and procedures, please contact the BGA Development Officer.

Policy Documents

Club Equality & Diversity Policy

Club Policy for Conduct

Club Child Protection Policy & Procedures for: England & Wales; Northern Ireland; Scotland (full information on this topic)

Club Sexual Harassment Policy

Procedure Documents

Complaints & disciplinary procedures

Appeals Procedure

Setting and Managing Expectations

Codes of conduct:

Code of Conduct for Club Members and Code of Conduct – Notes for Club Members

Junior Gliding Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Club Volunteers and Officials

Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers of Juniors

Membership forms:

Full Membership Form

Temporary Membership Form