Membership forms

A club membership form forms the basis of the contract between an individual and the club.

The BGA sought relevant legal advice on the content and layout of membership forms and has updated the template full and temporary membership forms for club use.

Included in the forms are:

  • Statements that set and manage expectations
  • Cross-references to key aspects of club governance and operations
  • Undertakings, permissions, declarations and confirmations from the new member

Individuals joining the club must complete and sign a temporary or full membership form including emergency contact information and the club must supply copies of mandatory safety and medical information and the club’s data privacy notice.


Full membership form

Temporary membership form

Mandatory safety and medical information

IMPORTANT: These template membership forms can be customised with logos and club specific information, but we advise against altering the main content which gathers key information and set-up permissions.

These forms are designed to back up a club’s:

  • Child protection policies and procedures
  • GDPR & data protection policies
  • Code of conduct policies and statements

These policies should be kept up to date and put where people can read them. Full information can be found in the Child Protection, Club Policies Guidance Pack and Data Protection sections of the BGA members website.

Note: we suggest not recording and holding date of birth as this is very sensitive data – month and year of birth are sufficient for our purposes. Those under 18 need to fill in a specific, additional section of the membership form.

Likewise, please do not collect or store copies of people’s personal or financial documents, such as birth certificates. If they need to be checked, as with medical declarations, recording that the proof has been seen is sufficient.

Useful information & data analysis

When someone joins the club, it can be helpful to gather additional information. There are several optional extras below that are designed to help members and club management:

The BGA Club Management Guide – Statistical Information and Marketing Feedback is a helpful publication.