Managing club and visiting under-18 year olds

Under-18’s take part in gliding club activities either as full members or as temporary members as part of a self-arranged visit or an externally or club arranged event. This guidance aims to support gliding clubs in their duty of care and other responsibilities.


Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm and includes child protection. The 6 key safeguarding considerations are:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Prevention
  3. Protection
  4. Proportionality
  5. Partnerships
  6. Accountability


An under-18’s parent or carer is responsible for their under-18. Parental consent and emergency details must be provided to any gliding club at which their under-18 is participating in gliding. That information is normally provided within a club membership form.

A gliding club at which the under-18 is flying as a full or temporary member with parental or carer consent is responsible for the under-18’s child protection and flying supervision. The club has a duty of care to all its members including those under-18, regardless of why they are flying with the club.

When an under-18 member of a club chooses to visit and fly at another club, there is a risk that important learned information that is needed to support the under-18 remains at the home club and is not passed on. Where a club is hosting a visiting under-18, a way of addressing that issue is in addition to requiring a completed club temporary membership form, identify the under-18’s home club and contact the club (the CFI is probably the ideal contact) seeking advice regarding known relevant behaviour, health, or safety concerns specific to the under-18. The BGA office can supply club officer contact details.


Effective supervision is required for unqualified pilots and supports duty of care responsibilities particularly regarding young pilots including under-18’s. There is specific guidance in ‘Managing Flying Risk’.

View the ‘Managing Flying Risk – Supervision’ guidance here.

Club Policies and Procedures

Guidance on club policies and procedures is available here.

Child Protection

Child protection guidance is available here.

Junior Gliding Centre accreditation

Clubs that routinely benefit from having young pilots as members and visitors are strongly recommended to seek accreditation as a Junior Gliding Centre.

Read more about becoming a Junior Gliding Centre here.

Sport England advice to parents and carers

Sport England publishes advice to parents and carers of under-18’s on checking how well a sport/activity provider operates.

View the Sport England advice here.