The role of Chair is critical to the effective management of a Gliding Club both in the day to day operations and in planning for the club’s future.

Qualities, Characteristics and Duties Of A Good Club Chair.

  • be respected by the committee and the wider club membership;
  • be knowledgeable about the sport, including broader aspects outside the club;
  • be well informed about the club, its activities and finances;
  • understand the legal aspects of running a club and know when to seek advice from the BGA or specialist advisors.
  • be actively involved in developing a clear strategic plan for the club;
  • be able to show leadership and contribute ideas on achieving the club’s aims;
  • be able to represent the club externally, at local, regional and national level;
  • attend and vote at BGA Annual General Meetings;
  • encourage committee members and others to contribute ideas and be able to draw consensus from all the suggestions made;
  • have a close working relationship with the Secretary in arranging committee meetings and planning the agenda;
  • chair committee and general meetings effectively: manage the discussion so that items on the Agenda are discussed constructively and amicably, give members an opportunity to make their points, ensure that conclusions are drawn and minuted with points for action, encourage action to be taken between meetings;
  • be unbiased and impartial;
  • be a good listener and communicator;
  • be able to maintain harmony and to motivate and get the best from the members;