The role of club secretary is a pivotal one in any sporting organisation and as a result is one of the most time-consuming roles in a club – the secretary must work in tandem with the chairperson and club officers. The club secretary is also responsible for coordinating, announcing and minuting club meetings such as the club AGM.

Qualities, Characteristics and Duties Of A Good Club Secretary

  • be tactful and persuasive and a good team player, able to help the committee to run smoothly;
  • be well informed about the club and its activities and be aware of current developments among the members;
  • work closely with the Chair to plan and run committee meetings effectively;
  • circulate notices of meetings and agendas in good time and circulate minutes within a few days of meetings;
  • prepare the paperwork for general meetings and make sure that time limits and other rules are complied with;
  • assist the Chair at meetings, ensuring that all business is properly dealt with and actions agreed;
  • take accurate minutes of meetings;
  • keep an oversight of the actions agreed at each meeting and remind committee members and others of actions to be completed;
  • file annual reports and accounts and other statutory documents at Companies House and/or with other authorities;
  • liaise with and act as conduit for information to and from the BGA and other external organisations;
  • promulgate information promptly and effectively, using appropriate methods of communication;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and regulations (other than specialist aviation matters, which are normally the CFI’s or Technical Officer’s responsibility);
  • deal with routine administration and correspondence promptly and efficiently;
  • work in liaison with other volunteers, such as the Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and Marketing Officer;
  • understand the legal aspects of running a club and know when to seek advice from the BGA or specialist advisors.