Safety Officer

The Club Safety Officer (CSO) is appointed by and responsible to the Club Chair. The role description used should be agreed between the CSO and the Club Chair.

Suggested CSO Role Description;

  1. The CSO should promote an effective safety culture within his or her The aim should be to ensure all pilots are equally interested in and dedicated to improving safety at all times.
  2. To achieve this, the CSO should work closely with the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). The CFI is responsible for all flying and training activities; the CSO is the watchdog whose prime interest is safe ground and flying operations.
  3. To seek assistance and guidance, for example from the Senior Regional Examiner (SRE) and his/her team or the BGA Safety Committee, as necessary to discharge CSO responsibilities.

Specific CSO responsibilities could be;

  • To advise the club chairman and CFI on all safety matters, and in particular to bring deficiencies to their attention so that corrective action can be taken.
  • To periodically review club publications providing guidance on club operations to ensure they are kept up to date and relevant.
  • To conduct periodic club safety reviews, using the BGA supplied check list and with support where required.
  • To assist in determining circumstances and probable causes of accidents and incidents, with a view to preventing future accidents rather than ascribing blame to individuals. Where an accident has been notified as being formally investigated by the BGA, the Club Safety Officer is usually a local point of
  • To publicise, within the club, the appropriate ‘lessons learnt’ as a result of an accident or incident. Please note: in the event of a serious or fatal accident, great care must be taken to avoid pre-empting the findings of the accident investigation or any other official inquiry that may be in progress.
  • To undertake any other tasks which the CSO and the club Chairman perceive to be necessary in the interests of managing operational risks at the club.

BGA guidance and resources on safety

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